Title Taking agroecology to scale: the Zero Budget Natural Farming peasant movement in Karnataka, India
Contributor KRRS, La Via Campesina
Content This paper analyzes how peasant movements scale up agroecology. It specifically examines Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF), a grassroots peasant agroecology movement in Karnataka, India. ZBNF ends reliance on purchased inputs and loans for farming, positioning itself as a solution to extreme indebtedness and suicides among Indian farmers. The ZBNF movement has achieved massive scale not only because of effective farming practices, but because of a social movement dynamic – motivating members through discourse, mobilizing resources from allies, self-organized pedagogical activities, charismatic and local leadership, and generating a spirit of volunteerism among its members. This paper was produced as part of a self-study process in La Via Campesina, the global peasant movement.
Year Published 2017
Language English
Link http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/HKAecYKfneKRsfE4c6xn/full