Title Rede Raízes da Mata: Strengthening links between producers and consumers
Contributor AgriCultures Network, ILEIA
Author Fabricio Vassalli Zanelli, Heitor Mancini Teixeira, Irene Maria Cardoso, Nina Abigail Caligiorne Cruz
Content As in many other parts of the world, farmers in the Zona da Mata region, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, were encouraged to take up the Green Revolution package. This model also prescribed integration with the international markets. Family farmers, however, have found that this model has not brought the promised benefits. Many different efforts have led to viable alternatives. One of these is Rede Raízes da Mata (or the “Forest Roots Network”), started in 2011 as a joint initiative by a group of university students and local producers. The main goal of the network is to improve the commercialisation of local agro-ecological produce by establishing stronger links between producers and consumers.
Type of initiative Case Studies
Year Published
Language English
South America BRAZIL
Link http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/magazines/global/markets/rede-raizes-da-mata