Title Linking family nutrition in city and country
Contributor ILEIA
Author Carla Guerrón-Montero, Myriam Paredes
Content Ecuador is going through a substantial nutritional transition. This, coupled with the paradox that rural families that produce food are often those most affected by undernutrition, shows the ironies of ‘modern’ food systems. It also highlights the importance of rural-urban linkages around family nutrition which can help to address such contradictions. This is what we see among families living in two rural villages, San Francisco Alto and Ambuqui, in the north of Ecuador, who through various strategies have managed to achieve healthy, diversified and nutritious diets.
Type of initiative Case Studies
Year Published
Language English
South America ECUADOR
Link http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/magazines/global/reclaiming-nutrition/from-farms-to-towns