Title Learning routes: Experiences in Marocco and Egypt
Contributor AgriCultures Network, ILEIA
Author Laura Eggens, Mireille Vermeulen

In 2013, two learning routes took place on the themes of farmer organisations in Morocco and water management in Egypt.

ILEIA joined both Learning Routes, carrying out preparatory analysis of the main lessons in the host countries, and documenting how and what the participants (ruteros) learned during the actual route.

The final outcome of these Learning Routes is a 32 page booklet. This booklet presents the main lessons learnt during the two Learning Routes. It first provides short summaries of the initiatives that were visited in Morocco and Egypt.

Next, the main lessons that ruteros identified during the two routes are presented. The final chapter focuses on the lessons drawn from the process of the Learning Route, showing the ways in which knowledge building using this method can be innovative.

Type of initiative Report
Year Published
Link http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/resources/pubs/2013-learning-routes