Title Kaluchi Thakarwadi: Rejuvenated landscape, rejuvenated lives
Contributor AgriCultures Network
Author Watershed Organization Trust
Content Kaluchi Thakarwadi is a small, remote settlement in the district of Ahmednagar, in Maharashtra, in the semi-arid zone in the rain shadow of India’s western mountains. Rainfall is unreliable, so there is chronic water scarcity, with recurring shortages of food and fodder. Six years ago a broad watershed management programme was established, which has already had an enormous impact: a transformation from desert to a replenished watershed.
Type of initiative Case Studies
Year Published
Link http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/magazines/global/from-desertification-to- vibrant-communities/kaluchi-thakarwadi-rejuvenated-landscape-rejuvenated-lives