Title Handbook On Agroecology: Farmer’s Manual on Sustainable Practices
Contributor Focus on the Global South
Author Afsar Jafri, P.T. George
Content This booklet is aimed to educate and inform farmers about diverse possibility of sustainable and safe food production methods and its techniques. This handbook is designed as a practical guide to these different practices of agroecology and their specific principles, techniques and strategies.We hope that these practical techniques would help to address the needs of especially small and marginal farmers who are contemplating to switch over to low-cost agriculture. We also hope that sustainable agricultural practices mentioned here can easily be adapted by small farmers without involving much input costs.However the set of practices mentioned here are not the only valid roadmap available for adopting low-cost organic agriculture. A skillful agroecology practitioner can come up with their own innovative techniques by applying different agroecological principles to suite particular crops, soil conditions and available natural resources.
Type of initiative Guide
Year Published
Language English
Link http://focusweb.org/sites/www.focusweb.org/files/Agriculture%20Science_0.pdf