Inga Alley Cropping providing land for life

Hands, M. R. June 2002.
Alley-Cropping as a Sustainable Alternative to Shifting Cultivation. Final Report. Project HND / B7-6201 / IB / 97 / 0533(08). Tropical Forests Budgetary Line. Commission of the European Communities. DG I. Brussels.

Hands, M. R. 1998.
The uses of Inga in the acid soils of the Rainforest zone : Alley-cropping sustainability and soil-regeneration. In : Pennington, T.D. and Fernandes, E.C.M. (eds.) The Genus Inga : Utilization. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. England.

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Agroecology and the right to food – Interview with Olivier De Schutter

Interview > Olivier De Schutter – “Agroecology is really common sense. It means understanding how nature works, to replicate the natural workings of nature on farms in order to reduce dependency on external inputs. Agroecology preserves the ability for future generations to feed themselves. I believe we should teach more about agroecology and encourage exchanges between farmers. We cannot continue in this impasse of an oil dependent food production system.”

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Farmers in Focus: Advocate for sovereign seed systems

Holly Whitesides and her husband are trying to go “against the grain” of industrial agriculture in the United States. They use their family farm and their work on saving seed to convince other farmers and groups of the importance of a sovereign seed stock.

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La Durette, a pilot agroecological farm

La Durette is a pilot farm in agroecology located in Avignon, France. Its aim is to set up innovative mediterranean agricultural systems, mixing crops under agroforestry in various designs – mainly fruits and vegetables, and integrating animals into the systems. 

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Organic farming at the Center stage in South East Asia

In a first part, this publication gives technical feedbacks and analysis on Sustainable Rice Based Farming Systems in the Philippines. The book concludes that Organic farming is undeniably, one of the best broad-based development strategies that can be employed to revitalize the agriculture sector. Read more

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A new tool for improving organic cotton yields in Africa

A report on studies into the development of a novel pest management tool for organic cotton undertaken by PAN UK and their partners in Benin, West Africa, between 2006 and 2008. This food spray product can be used alongside other biological tools to attract, conserve and utilize beneficial insects. Read more

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