Inga Alley Cropping providing land for life

Hands, M. R. June 2002.
Alley-Cropping as a Sustainable Alternative to Shifting Cultivation. Final Report. Project HND / B7-6201 / IB / 97 / 0533(08). Tropical Forests Budgetary Line. Commission of the European Communities. DG I. Brussels.

Hands, M. R. 1998.
The uses of Inga in the acid soils of the Rainforest zone : Alley-cropping sustainability and soil-regeneration. In : Pennington, T.D. and Fernandes, E.C.M. (eds.) The Genus Inga : Utilization. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. England.

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Case study Honduras

This case study highlights the work of farmers in Yoro and Otoro regions of Honduras, supported by USC partner FIPAH (Foundation for Participatory Research with Honduran Farmers). Farmers organize community-based agricultural research teams (called CIALs), to diversify their plant genetic resources and to develop hardier plant varieties that grow well on their soils.

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