didacticThis methodological toolkit aims to aid farmers and technicians in better understanding the principles and mechanisms that underlie the resiliency (or lack of) of farming systems and how agroecological management can enhance the adaptive capacity of farmers to unpredictable and sever climatic variability.

The tool can be used for:

  • Conducting a rapid agroecological assessment of farms and their level of vulnerability
  • Initiating of a process of agroecological conversion to enhance the response capacity of farmers and thus improve the resiliency of their farming systems
  • Monitoring the trajectory of the farms under agroecological converstion after climatic events such as hurricanes, rain storms and drought.


  • Miguel A. Altieri
  • Clara I. Nicholls-Estrada
  • Alejandro Henao-Salazar
  • Ana C. Galvis-Martinez