Learning routes: Experiences in Marocco and Egypt

In 2013, two learning routes took place on the themes of farmer organisations in Morocco and water management in Egypt.

ILEIA joined both Learning Routes, carrying out preparatory analysis of the main lessons in the host countries, and documenting how and what the participants (ruteros) learned during the actual route. Read more

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Teaming up to harness the Nile : can water users’ associations become effective?

In the Nile watershed, the home of ancient dynasties, 21st century farmers struggle to find better ways to irrigate their crops. Technical solutions help, but can farmers work together to improve their livelihoods in the long term? Research support from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) provides some critical analysis. The document is also available in French and Arabic

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The Real Green Revolution: Organic and Agroecological farming in the South

This report highlights some of the opportunities and challenges of establishing an organic farming movement that “can increase food security, reduce poverty and protect environmental resources” in the Southern hemisphere. Even though the report asserts that government policies are still needed to encourage the extension of organic farming, several positive trends are identified through a number of worldwide case studies.

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