1. Improving Food Security for Vulnerable Communities in Nepal

    For families living in Nepal’s remote highland regions, chronic food insecurity and hunger are part of daily life. Their own agricultural production is low; imported food is expensive; and as... (comment match)

  2. Conservation agriculture: a Uganda case study

    This case study presents the status of conservation agriculture in Uganda. It is one in a series of eight case studies about conservation agriculture in Africa, which were developed within... (comment match)

  3. Nourishing the World Sustainably: Scaling Up Agroecology

    The paper contains 12 different case studies and chapters on agroecology; other sustainable farming methods;  agroecology and resilience to climatic changes; evidence of the food security potential of agroecological systems; the scaling... (comment match)

  4. Agricultural Transition

    Viable forms of farming exist and evolve in different parts of the world and many transitions are being successful. Twelve steps are proposed, together with their supportive policies to accompany... (comment match)

  5. Climate Resilient Agriculture: Experiences from Action Aid and its partners

    It is based on the identification of the major risks and challenges local communities face, and/or are likely to face in the near future, and on the design and implementation... (comment match)

  6. Sweet and sour delight: Value addition in citrus

    Creating economic incentives is an effective way for conserving agrobiodiversity. Establishing market linkages and adding value through processing of locally available crops can provide such incentives for conservation through use,... (comment match)

  7. Planning an Urban Market Garden in Toronto, Canada

    This case study outlines the plan for a 0.5 acre garden in downtown Toronto. This market garden was part of Field-To-Table's Urban Agriculture initiative and will complement ongoing rooftop and... (comment match)

  8. Organic farming: the successful story of Mr. Chidumula Nkhata

    Growing maize with use of manure alone. Case Studies and Articles. Development Fund. The Development Fund. Agroecology. Organic. Water. Local. Case Studies. English... (comment match)

  9. Post-War Reconstruction using Sustainable Agriculture in Chalatenango, El Salvador

    Ex-combatants and returned refugees formulate ecologically sustainable agricultural development plans in post-war El Salvador. Case Studies and Articles. agroecology.org. Ariane de Bremond. Agroecology. Local. Case Studies. English... (comment match)

  10. The Agro-ecological Village Development Model: Experiences in the Philippines and China

    An agro-ecological approach to rural development in the Philippines and China, devloped by Resource Efficient Agricultural Production Canada (REAP-Canada). REAP-Canada. Claudia Ho Lem. Roger Samson. Agroecology. Regional. Case Studies. English... (comment match)