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    This web-page has been created by a common effort by many organizations. We want to show the wide range of sustainable agricultural practices, and that peasants and other small scale... (comment match)

  2. Who produces our food?

    by Aksel Naerstad International co-coordinator of the More and Better Network Small scale food producers produce 70% of the total global food production according to United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the... (comment match)

  3. From desertification to vibrant communities

    Sustainable agriculture in dry and degraded areas is about the resilience of farmers and ecosystems. With examples from different parts of the world, the latest issue of Farming Matters, shows the... (comment match)

  4. Fair and sustainable food systems: from vicious cycles to virtuous circles

    A policy brief by Michel Pimbert. Modern industrial food, energy and water systems are fundamentally unsustainable. Their linear, and increasingly globalised, structure assumes that the Earth has an endless supply of... (comment match)

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