1. Farming for healthy urban tap water

    New York City's water is kept safe and clean by an innovative cooperative agreement with farmers that benefits both the city and rural communities. The programme demonstrates that water utilities... (comment match)

  2. A systems approach against poverty

    Opinion by Million Belay. Why is poverty deepening in Africa even when millions of dollars continue to be poured in to alleviate it?, asks Million Belay. He answers by highlighting how... (comment match)

  3. The world’s largest safety net for family farmers?

    India’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is the largest public-works based employment programme in the world. Unanimously enacted by the Indian parliament in 2005, implementation began in... (comment match)

  4. Multiple Pathways: Case studies of sustainable agriculture in China

    Chinese agriculture today faces major environmental challenges, from unsustainably high applications of fertilisers and pesticides to widespread soil erosion, pollution, water scarcity and the loss of agricultural biodiversity. Coupled with... (comment match)

  5. Giving new life to peasant seeds in Ecuador

    In the Ecuadorian provinces of Bolivar, Chimborazo, and Cotopaxi, family farmers are building new capacity to conserve and use the biodiversity on their farms. By participating in action research they... (comment match)

  6. Looking outside the box. Access and benefit sharing for family farmers in Zimbabwe

    What is successful access and benefit sharing’ for smallholder family farmers? This contribution argues it is not about legal contracts or mechanisms that regulate the international transfer of plant genetic resources.... (comment match)

  7. How Yapuchiris build climate resilience

    Dealing with the uncertainties of changing climates is a challenge faced by farmers around the world. Near Cochabamba in Bolivia’s Andean high plateau, a group of agroecological farmers are leading... (comment match)

  8. Will the Green Revolution really ‘nutritionalise’ Africa?

    Opinion by Million Belay. We are told that high input agriculture will boost food production in Africa. A persistent worry for Million Belay is the loss of knowledge related to our... (comment match)

  9. Inga Alley Cropping providing land for life

    Hands, M. R. June 2002. Alley-Cropping as a Sustainable Alternative to Shifting Cultivation. Final Report. Project HND / B7-6201 / IB / 97 / 0533(08). Tropical Forests Budgetary Line. Commission of... (comment match)