1. Reaping the benefits: Science and the sustainable intensification of global agriculture

    This report discusses the need for a sustainable intensification' of global agriculture in which yields are increased without adverse environmental impact and without the cultivation of more land. Reports. The... (comment match)

  2. Who Will Feed Us? Questions for the Food and Climate Crises

    Reports. ETC Group... (comment match)

  3. Policies and actions to eradicate hunger and malnutrition

    This working document has been drafted by a committee of people from social movements that also integrated input from a broad range of organisations and individuals. About 300 organizations have... (comment match)

  4. Sustainable Peasant and Family Farm Agriculture Can Feed the World

    La Vía Campesina believe that agroecological food production by small farmers is the agricultural model best suited to meeting future food needs. Peasant-based sustainable farming systems based on agroecology and... (comment match)

  5. Fertile ground. How governments and donors can halve hunger by supporting small farmers

    This report shows that recent budget increases in agriculture stop well short of what is needed to reverse the growing crisis of poverty, environmental degradation and hunger. Reports. ActionAid... (comment match)

  6. About this site

    This web-page has been created by a common effort by many organizations. We want to show the wide range of sustainable agricultural practices, and that peasants and other small scale... (comment match)

  7. List by country

    Africa Asia Europe Oceania North America South America   AFRICA ASIA EUROPE OCEANIA NORTH AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA ... (comment match)

  8. Other websites

    150 organizations have signed on to the document Rio+20 Time to act. See the list of organizations which have signed on to it, at www.timetoactrio20.org Agriculture at a crossroads. Findings &... (comment match)

  9. Why livestock and humane, sustainable agriculture matter at Rio+20

    The benefits of humane, sustainable livestock production are core to advancing the Rio+20 discussions on the future of food and farming. The rearing and use of animals has a major... (comment match)

  10. Towards food sovereignty: reclaiming autonomous food systems 

    Towards Food Sovereignty is an online book with linked video and audio files. The first three chapters, available here, begin to describe the ecological basis of food and agriculture, the... (comment match)