1. Resolving the Food Crisis Assessing Global Policy Reforms Since 2007

    The purpose of the report is to look beyond the proclamations and communiqués to assess what has really changed since the food price crisis erupted. Reports. Institute for Agriculture and... (comment match)

  2. Asia at a Crossroads

    This paper seeks to address fundamental questions about the agriculture sector in Southeast Asia and China and to begin to sketch what a way forward – a way towards the... (comment match)

  3. What Works for Women. Proven approaches for empowering women smallholders and achieving food security

    What changes do we need to empower women smallholders and achieve food security? The report tries to answer. Reports. ActionAid... (comment match)

  4. Agroecology: A Path to Realizing the Right to Food

    Background paper by Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food. Reports. Food First... (comment match)

  5. Assuring food security in developing countries under the challenges of climate change: key trade and development issues of a fundamental transformation of agriculture

    What is required is a rapid and significant shift from conventional, industrial, monoculture-based and high-external-input dependent production towards mosaics of sustainable production systems that also considerably improve the productivity of... (comment match)

  6. Foresight. The Future of Food and Farming. Final Project Report.

    This report is intended for: Policy makers and a wide range of professionals and researchers whose interests relate to all aspects of the global food system: including governance at all... (comment match)

  7. Growing a Better Future Food justice in a resource-constrained world

    The report looks into the age of crisis; a skewed and failing system. Based on challenges it looks into the new prosperity and how to grow a better future and... (comment match)

  8. Global Food Losses and Food Waste

    The study highlights the losses occurring along the entire food chain, and makes assessments of their magnitude. Further, it identifies causes of food losses and possible ways of preventing them.... (comment match)

  9. Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication

    Towards a Green Economy is among UNEP’s key contributions to the Rio+20 process and the overall goal of addressing poverty and delivering a sustainable 21st century. Reports. UNEP... (comment match)

  10. Synthesis Report: The 1st Pan-Africa Non-State Actors (NSA) Policy Dialogue Meeting on the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP): Working Together to Tackle the Challenges of African Agriculture – Role of NSAs

    The report is the result af a dialogue among various stakeholders to deepen the commitment and alignment of national agricultural policies and investment plans to key CAADP targets and... (comment match)