1. Sri Lanka Analog Forestry

    This report highlights the extent to which the small farmers were able to adapt to the impacts of climate change variations by establishing analog forests in their land holdings. Case... (comment match)

  2. Participatory Guarantee System and Analog Forestry

    Besides providing for many of our needs, forests play a pivotal role in providing ecosystem services, ranging from biodiversity conservation to climate regulation. Yet over the last decade the world... (comment match)

  3. Ten qualities of family farming

    Even in the International Year of Family Farming there is confusion about family farming. What is it, and what distinguishes it from entrepreneurial farming or family agribusiness? The confusion tends... (comment match)

  4. Agro-ecology: beyond food

    Some may view indigenous communities as being conservative and backwards. However, the Kabekwa in Costa Rica show that such communities can be adaptable and innovative. In response to changing circumstances,... (comment match)

  5. Home nurseries: Viable businesses with environmental awareness

    Butana is a dry plateau in northern Sudan, east of the river Nile. Covering 65,000 square kilometres, less than 10% can be described as ‘woodland’ in the vaguest sense of... (comment match)

  6. Moving from vulnerability to resilience in Africa

    In August 2012, the Seidu family had to cope with the bad harvest. Like many farming families in northern Ghana, they had to adopt the ‘one-zero-one’ strategy for the children... (comment match)

  7. A 'green revolution' that may save Filipino coconut farmers

    In agroforestry, farmers plant more than one type of crop and in different heights – a concept called multi-storey cropping. Like in the Marjes’ farm, you’ll find coconut trees or... (comment match)