1. Beef Cattle Finishing and Narrow Strip Cropping System in Kansas, USA

    Using strip cropping residues and cover crops, cattle can be finished for slaughter, reducing supplemental feed requirements while increasing soil nitrogen fertility. Case Studies and Articles. agroecology.org. Chris Bley. Organic... (comment match)

  2. Soil Ecology of Grape Phylloxera and the Potential for Biological Control

    Soils in California organic vineyards contain clues to the biocontrol of grape phylloxera, an aphid-like insect that is potentially the most serious grape pest in the world. Case Studies and... (comment match)

  3. Biological Control with Beneficial Insectary Plantings

    Introducing flowering plants into agroecosystems increases pollen and nectar resources that stimulate populations of the natural enemies of insect pests. Case Studies and Articles. agroecology.org. Chris Bley. Organic Farming and... (comment match)