1. Enhancing rural livelihoods and nutrition through higher welfare poultry production in India

    This case study demonstrates that there are humane and economically viable alternatives to intensive egg production aimed at the urban market. It shows a sustainable poultry model suited to improving... (comment match)

  2. Beyond battery cages: a humane, sustainable model of egg production in The Netherlands

    Anticipating the disappearance of battery cages, alternative, more humane and sustainable methods of egg production have been and are being devel -oped. One up-and-coming example is the Roundel, a concept... (comment match)

  3. High steaks: a humane and sustainable ‘farm to fork’ beef system in the US

    A case of a beef producer in the US. Case Studies and Articles. World Society for the Protection of Animals. World Society for the Protection of Animals. Animals. National. Case... (comment match)