1. Kaluchi Thakarwadi: Rejuvenated landscape, rejuvenated lives

    Kaluchi Thakarwadi is a small, remote settlement in the district of Ahmednagar, in Maharashtra, in the semi-arid zone in the rain shadow of India’s western mountains. Rainfall is unreliable, so... (comment match)

  2. Tipping the Balance: Policies to shape agricultural investments and markets in favour of small-scale farmers

    A recent wave of large-scale land acquisitions and other commercial investment in agriculture has raised concerns that small-scale producers are being marginalized. This report takes a new look at the... (comment match)

  3. Teaming up to harness the Nile : can water users' associations become effective?

    In the Nile watershed, the home of ancient dynasties, 21st century farmers struggle to find better ways to irrigate their crops. Technical solutions help, but can farmers work together to... (comment match)

  4. Improving Food Security for Vulnerable Communities in Nepal

    For families living in Nepal’s remote highland regions, chronic food insecurity and hunger are part of daily life. Their own agricultural production is low; imported food is expensive; and as... (comment match)

  5. Conservation agriculture: a Uganda case study

    This case study presents the status of conservation agriculture in Uganda. It is one in a series of eight case studies about conservation agriculture in Africa, which were developed within... (comment match)

  6. From a conventional agriculture system to a system of self sustaining management practices: the case of Cuba

    The incentive which determined the economic policy of Cuba that has resulted in new management practices for agriculture has been based on the necessity to reduce the coefficients of imported... (comment match)

  7. What Cuba can teach us about food and climate change

    After the Cold War, Cuba faced many of the agricultural challenges that the rest of the world is now anticipating.With no fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide, and no means to import... (comment match)

  8. Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities

    This guide is written for anyone seeking help from federal programs to foster sustainable and innovative initiatives in this country associated with agriculture and forestry. Case Studies and Articles. Michael... (comment match)

  9. Impact Analysis of Organic Farming in Rice Agroecosystems in the Philippines

    Paper presented during the 1st RDA/ARNOA International Conference on Asian Organic Agriculture held at Suwon and Cheonan/Korea on November 12-15, 2002. Case Studies and Articles. Teodoro C. Mendoza. Agroecology. Organic.... (comment match)

  10. Introducing LocallyGrown – an innovative online farmers market system

    Eric Wagoner , the creator of LocallyGrown, said that the initiative “…is best described as an online farmers market system where customers buy their produce online and come to one... (comment match)