1. Dams and alpacas in the Peruvian Andes

    In addition to severe losses in the mountain soil’s fertility, climate change is easily visible in the Peruvian Andes: the glaciers which feed all the rivers, and the snow on... (comment match)

  2. A breeding bull can benefit the whole village

    The case of Suklal Rajbanshi, a farmer in Shivgunj, Jhapa who is providing valuable service to cow owners in his village. Case Studies and Articles. LIBRD. Local Initiatives for Biodiversity.... (comment match)

  3. Gender and Alfalfa Improvement in the Oasis Area, Ziz Valley, Morocco

    Sheep production in the Oasis Area of Morocco's Ziz Valley is limited by alfalfa forage productivity. As women manage most alfalfa, improvement demands the participation of women farmers in the... (comment match)

  4. Ecological Principles of Vineyard Vegetation Management on California's Northern Coast

    Vegetation cover in vineyards can be used to manage soil structure, organic matter, hydrology, erosion, nutrient dynamics, diseases and insect pests, while conserving wild plant species and biodiversity. Case Studies... (comment match)

  5. Establishment and Agronomic Productivity of Silvopastoral Systems with Pelibuey Sheep in Yucatan, Mexico

    Generate scientific knowledge to allow for the use of leguminous trees into degraded grass pastures for a sustainable animal production in the North-Central region of Yucatan. Case Studies and Articles.... (comment match)

  6. Beef Cattle Finishing and Narrow Strip Cropping System in Kansas, USA

    Using strip cropping residues and cover crops, cattle can be finished for slaughter, reducing supplemental feed requirements while increasing soil nitrogen fertility. Case Studies and Articles. agroecology.org. Chris Bley. Organic... (comment match)