1. Sweet and sour delight: Value addition in citrus

    Creating economic incentives is an effective way for conserving agrobiodiversity. Establishing market linkages and adding value through processing of locally available crops can provide such incentives for conservation through use,... (comment match)

  2. A breeding bull can benefit the whole village

    The case of Suklal Rajbanshi, a farmer in Shivgunj, Jhapa who is providing valuable service to cow owners in his village. Case Studies and Articles. LIBRD. Local Initiatives for Biodiversity.... (comment match)

  3. Home garden amidst tea estate

    The case of two farmers introduced to the idea of home garden, currently using their land creatively to produce a diversity of fruits and vegetables, and tea. Case Studies and... (comment match)

  4. Bamboo binding in Bangladesh

    The community of Sonatoni and Ghorjan union of Sirajgoni district  is living on the bank of Jamuna river. The river faces continuous threat of erosion; village and households are at... (comment match)