1. Resolving the Food Crisis Assessing Global Policy Reforms Since 2007

    The purpose of the report is to look beyond the proclamations and communiqués to assess what has really changed since the food price crisis erupted. Reports. Institute for Agriculture and... (comment match)

  2. Agroecology and Advocacy: Innovations in Asia

    The Asian Farmers' Association for Sustainable Development and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy have produced a new report documenting successful approaches in three countries: Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia. The... (comment match)

  3. Using Small-Scale Adaptation Actions to Address the Food Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Going beyond Food Aid and Cash Transfers

    Building resilience while adapting for climate change in the Horn of Africa. Case Studies and Articles. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). Sustainability. CC Dare. Johnson N. Nkem. Richard... (comment match)