1. Perspectives: Strengthening people’s knowledge

    For the past half century agricultural innovation has denied a voice to the many groups who work outside the profession of science – farmers, food providers, women and the urban... (comment match)

  2. Institutionalising dialogue in Rwanda through innovation platforms

    A platform of farmers, retailers and service providers,civil society organisations, NGOs, government officials, and researchers improves livelihoods in Rwanda. Through interaction and collaboration, these groups experiment with various technological and institutional... (comment match)

  3. Access and benefit sharing of genetic resources

    Access and benefit sharing of plant genetic resources is a crucial but very complex, political and legalistic matter. Does the formal system work for family farmers? As we see in... (comment match)

  4. Looking outside the box. Access and benefit sharing for family farmers in Zimbabwe

    What is successful access and benefit sharing’ for smallholder family farmers? This contribution argues it is not about legal contracts or mechanisms that regulate the international transfer of plant genetic resources.... (comment match)

  5. Rescuing our maize: Building a network

    A network of communities in West-Central Mexico has rescued its traditional landraces of maize. This experience shows that the benefits of defending an ancestral good is not only limited to... (comment match)