1. Farming Matters

    However we look at it, the System of Rice Intensification, or SRI, is a major success story. While researchers are still debating its relevance, more and more people are getting... (comment match)

  2. Crazy? Not at all!

    Although hardly enough to meet the national demand, rice yields in Peru are high, reflecting an apparently efficient production system. Working together with other farmers, and not always with the... (comment match)

  3. Learning from farmers

    It was an afternoon of 2002 when I first read about SRI. As an extension officer in the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), I started promoting SRI in the following... (comment match)

  4. Adoption and adaptation

    Between 2004 and 2010, the Groupe de Recherche et d’Echanges Technologiques (GRET) supported the introduction and dissemination of SRI in Myanmar’s Northern Rakhine State, as part of a series of... (comment match)

  5. "SRI is something unprecedented"

    Interview with Norman Uphoff, Professor Emeritus of Government and International Agriculture at Cornell University, former director of the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development (CIIFAD) from 1990 to... (comment match)

  6. Documentation capitalisation systematización: a compilation of methods and approaches

    As part of ILEIA’s efforts to promote the documentation of field-based experiences, this booklet describes 18 different methods, including approaches such as participatory videos or story guides. It also presents... (comment match)

  7. Cordel do fundo solidário ; Gerando Riquezas e Saberes

    In the Paraíba region several 'rotating solidarity banks' initiatives, each of which has developed in their own specific way, have been constructed. In this booklet these experiences were used to... (comment match)

  8. Strengthening people-led development

    A joint effort of local communities, NGOs and donors to redefine participation. Readers can find in the successful examples of participatory methods presented, a source of motivation and inspiration. Case... (comment match)

  9. Puzzles for innovation

    The writers wanted to encourage the Afghan community by showing that the development processes they are experiencing are not different to those seen elsewhere, even if the general context is... (comment match)

  10. Sustentabilidad y campesinado : seis experiencias agroecológicas en Latinoamérica

    In Latin America agroecology has been transformed into the fundamental scientific base for the development of farming systems that conserve natural resources, increase security and, at the same time, the... (comment match)