1. Escuelas de Agroecologia en Colombia

    El informe recoge los principales hallazgos de una caracterización de algunas de las más importantes experiencias populares de formación en Agroecología existentes en Colombia. Case Studies and Articles. Fundaexpresion. El... (comment match)

  2. Declaration of Sashe

    From the 1st encounter of the agroecology trainers in the African region. 47 people from 22 organizations in 18 countries (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Uganda,... (comment match)

  3. La Durette, a pilot agroecological farm

    La Durette is a pilot farm in agroecology located in Avignon, France. Its aim is to set up innovative mediterranean agricultural systems, mixing crops under agroforestry in various designs - mainly fruits and... (comment match)

  4. Ten qualities of family farming

    Even in the International Year of Family Farming there is confusion about family farming. What is it, and what distinguishes it from entrepreneurial farming or family agribusiness? The confusion tends... (comment match)

  5. Youth and agriculture: new think-tanks for family farming

    Three young authors associated with the Africa Family Farming Workshops write about the importance of creating a dialogue between family farmers, scientists and policy makers. The Africa Family Farming Workshops... (comment match)

  6. Agro-ecology: beyond food

    Some may view indigenous communities as being conservative and backwards. However, the Kabekwa in Costa Rica show that such communities can be adaptable and innovative. In response to changing circumstances,... (comment match)

  7. When family farmers lead their own development

    Steven Kiranga Gichanga is a family farmer in Mugaari, a village in Kenya. He was trained in goat rearing but could not afford a goat to get started. He was... (comment match)

  8. Locally rooted: ideas and iniatives from the field

    Family farmers and the many ways in which they contribute to food security, healthy landscapes and thriving rural communities can be supported in a number of ways. These are some... (comment match)

  9. Peasant to peasant: The social movement form of agroecology

    After the electoral defeat of the Sandinistas in 1990, former land owners returned to Nicaragua from the USA. They began to take back their former estates through legal and less... (comment match)

  10. "We are a political and economic force"

    About 23 years ago, in Santiago del Estero, a province in the north of Argentina, the Peasant Movement of Santiago del Estero Via Campesina (MOCASE -VC) was established. One of... (comment match)