1. Agroecology is the way to go for Porteville Agroecological Small Farmers Association

    These farmers started farming with pigs on a conventional model in 2006 and changed to Agroecology in 2009 as an alternative for small farmers to enhance their livelihoods. Case... (comment match)

  2. Garden of Hope: Agroecological learnig site adapting to Climate Change

    Garden of Hope is an agro-ecological learning site in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Case Studies and Articles. Surplus People Project. Agroecology. Local. Case Studies. English... (comment match)

  3. Women Adapting to Climate Change through indigenous knowledge and Practices

    Katrina Kotze is part of the Melkkraal community in the Hantam Karoo Region of the Northern Cape Province in South Africa. This community struggle with access to water and ownership... (comment match)