1. Biogas Plant for Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia Showcased by Award-Winning Team for Sustainable Development

    The report shows that Biogas plants provide an alternative form of safer, cleaner energy to homes as well as organic compost to farms. The first data from field studies are... (comment match)

  2. The Tigray experience: A success story in sustainable agriculture 

    The success story in Tigray is concerning the Project on Sustainable Development through Ecological Land Management by Some Rural Communities in Northern Ethiopia through a broad-based open-ended experiment by farmers... (comment match)

  3. The impact of Compost use on Crop Yelds in Tigray, Ethiopia (2000-2006)

    The benefits deriving from the use of compost, including restoration of soil fertility, are well illustrated in this assessement. As a result of this successful approach is that between 2003... (comment match)