1. The Real Green Revolution: Organic and Agroecological farming in the South

    This report highlights some of the opportunities and challenges of establishing an organic farming movement that "can increase food security, reduce poverty and protect environmental resources" in the Southern hemisphere.... (comment match)

  2. Organic farming: the successful story of Mr. Chidumula Nkhata

    Growing maize with use of manure alone. Case Studies and Articles. Development Fund. The Development Fund. Agroecology. Organic. Water. Local. Case Studies. English... (comment match)

  3. The Rwenzori Experience

    Environment and Development Series No. 15. This booklet is a portrait of a unique participatory learning project involving farming communities in the Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. The project brought rural... (comment match)

  4. A Fundamentally Transformed Model for Global Agriculture to Prioritize Nutrition

    Daniel Bornstein is a student at Dartmouth College interested in global food security. He has written columns on international development issues for PolicyMic.com, the Merrick Herald (Merrick, N.Y.), and College... (comment match)

  5. Designing and Disseminating Ecological Production Systems for Perennials: Organic Olive Production in Crete

    Olive production is a major crop in the Mediterranean region. Organic olive production offers agroecological and socioeconomic advantages. A prototyping design methodology was used to design, introduce, test and disseminate... (comment match)

  6. Biological Control of Lygus rugulipennis in Italy

    Use a technique with a low level of environmental impact for the management of Lygus rugulipennis, a very harmful pest for many crops, especially lettuce, in Italy. Case Studies and... (comment match)

  7. Nematodes in the "Tierra Estella" zone of Navarra, Spain

    The object of this study is to see the presence of nematodes in the soils of the areas of Ayegui, Muniain de la Solana, Sesma, Sartaguda and Andosilla. Case Studies... (comment match)

  8. Community Supported Agriculture in Santa Cruz, California, USA

    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides locally grown organic farm products to the community of Santa Cruz, California. Case Studies and Articles. agroecology.org. Chris Bley. Agroecology. Organic. Local. Case Studies. English... (comment match)

  9. Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa

    This paper examines the relationship between organic agriculture and food security in Africa, analysing organic agriculture's impact on food availability as well as natural, social, human, physical and financial capital... (comment match)

  10. Organic Control of Peach Brown Rot in California, USA

    Organic solutions for controlling peach brown rot. Case Studies and Articles. agroecology.org. Chris Bley. Organic Farming and Research Foundation. Organic. Local. Case Studies. English... (comment match)