1. Terre brûlée - voix de la nouvelle frontière de la colonisation

    En Afrique, plus de 24 millions d’hectares de terre cultivable sont dans les mains de sociétés multinationales. Il s’agit d’un vrai danger pour la souveraineté alimentaire du continent. En Congo,... (comment match)

  2. Brazil launches the Agroecology Plan

    Brazil launches the Agroecology Plan and Organic Production. It was announced by the President Dilma Rousseff the 17 October, during the Second National  Conference on Sustainable Rural Development, in Brasilia.  The... (comment match)

  3. Videos from the workshopTime To Act for a Radical Change

    ANA (Articulação Nacional de Agroecologia) has made available online videos of the interventions of several key speakers at the International workshop “Time to Act for Radical Changes” held in Rio... (comment match)

  4. Celebrating seeds

    This film is produced by MELCA, Ethiopia, in collaboration with the Development Fund Norway, African Biodiversity Network, the Gaia Foundation https://youtu.be/x-hZotATmW4 Featured. Front Page Item. Multimedia. Video... (comment match)

  5. Another Giant Leap: Can the solutions for climate change help us fix poverty too?

    The Conference of Parties (COP21) has just been recently concluded in Paris, France. The new text promises to further search for solutions to fight climate change that would definitely impact... (comment match)