1. Sharing Power. A global guide to collaborative management of natural resources

    The collaborative or ‘co-management’ of natural resources - whether between states and local communities or amongst and within communities themselves - is a process of collective understanding and actions by... (comment match)

  2. Agroecological research: Conforming – or transforming the dominant agro-food regime?

    ABSTRACT Agroecology has three practical forms—a scientific discipline, an agricultural practice, and a social movement. Their integration has provided a collective-action mode for contesting the dominant agro-food regime and creating alternatives,... (comment match)

  3. Building, defending and strengthening agroecology

    This publication is based on a research conducted on the meaning and politics of agroecology from social movement perspectives. It is associated with this video Case Studies and Articles. Center for... (comment match)

  4. Perspectives: Strengthening people’s knowledge

    For the past half century agricultural innovation has denied a voice to the many groups who work outside the profession of science – farmers, food providers, women and the urban... (comment match)