1. "SRI is something unprecedented"

    Interview with Norman Uphoff, Professor Emeritus of Government and International Agriculture at Cornell University, former director of the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development (CIIFAD) from 1990 to... (comment match)

  2. A conversation with Miguel Altieri

    Berkeley’s Miguel Altieri, an associate professor of insect biology in the College of Natural Resources, has a world-wide reputation for his alternative solution: “agroecology,” or sustainable agriculture, which respects the... (comment match)

  3. Entrevista a Norman Uphoff

    Entre 1990 y 2005, Norman Uphoff, profesor emérito de Gobierno y de Agricultura Internacional en la Universidad de Cornell, se desempeñó como director del Instituto Internacional de Cornell para la... (comment match)

  4. “We need to support what farmers are already doing”

    Interview with Medius Bihunirwa, head of the Farmer Enterprise Development Unit at Kabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC), Uganda. Medius works with smallholder farmers, enhancing the quality of their produce... (comment match)

  5. Farmers in Focus: Advocate for sovereign seed systems

    Holly Whitesides and her husband are trying to go “against the grain” of industrial agriculture in the United States. They use their family farm and their work on saving seed... (comment match)

  6. "We are a political and economic force"

    About 23 years ago, in Santiago del Estero, a province in the north of Argentina, the Peasant Movement of Santiago del Estero Via Campesina (MOCASE -VC) was established. One of... (comment match)

  7. Agroecology and the right to food - Interview with Olivier De Schutter

    Interview > Olivier De Schutter - “Agroecology is really common sense. It means understanding how nature works, to replicate the natural workings of nature on farms in order to reduce... (comment match)

  8. “A revolution of thought is necessary” - Interview with Cantave Jean-Baptiste

    Interview > Cantave Jean-Baptiste is a Haitian agronomist and rural development practitioner with more than three decades of experience supporting sustainable agriculture and strengthening peasant organisations. He is Executive Director... (comment match)

  9. Interview: “Agroecology is an epistemological revolution”

    Victor M. Toledo is a Mexican ethnoecologist and social activist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His work focuses primarily on the study of agroecological and knowledge systems. In... (comment match)