1. Producers and consumers build new food practices

    Initiatives based on ‘short chains’ between farmers and consumers are slowly but surely gaining ground in the Netherlands, a country with a strongly industrialised food system. Looking for ecological, healthy,... (comment match)

  2. Future farmers in Europe

    "Go for it. Reclaim the fields!" All around Europe, young people with no agricultural background are setting up farming initiatives. Despite the many difficulties these new farmers face, their systems... (comment match)

  3. A watershed evolving

    Intense watershed management and water harvesting in the state of Tigray, northern Ethiopia, have transformed the area beyond recognition and increased food security and enhanced resilience to floods and droughts.... (comment match)

  4. Struggle and success in an inter-regional water conflict in the Peruvian Andes

    Large hydraulic projects that aim to capture and control water flows are increasingly entering territories of local Andean communities. This is a story of pastoralists in the region of Huancavelica,... (comment match)

  5. The páramo, where water is born

    San Isidro is an indigenous community in Ecuador’s central Andes that collectively built and manages an irrigation pipeline. The pipeline has brought life back to family farming and created more... (comment match)

  6. A technology to drastically save irrigation water

    At the Centre for Environment Concerns, an NGO based in Hyderabad, India, the challenge was clear: develop an inclusive irrigation technology suitable for low rainfall areas. Alongside farmers and female... (comment match)

  7. Water harvesting: nourishing the land, body and mind

    Bouwas Mawara and his wife Nyengeterai, small scale farmers in the semi-arid Zvishavane district of Zimbabwe, are renowned for their innovation in water harvesting for crop and animal production, and... (comment match)

  8. Farming for healthy urban tap water

    New York City's water is kept safe and clean by an innovative cooperative agreement with farmers that benefits both the city and rural communities. The programme demonstrates that water utilities... (comment match)

  9. How global food traders manage our water

    To many analysts, global water governance is about getting the institutions right: more accountable water users and more public participation in decisions. But are we barking up the right tree?... (comment match)

  10. Strawberry fields forever

    Professor Steve Gliessman and farmer Jim Cochran are among the movers and shakers of the strawberry sector in California. Since the 1980s they have been experimenting with sustainable ways to... (comment match)