1. Strengthening people-led development

    A joint effort of local communities, NGOs and donors to redefine participation. Readers can find in the successful examples of participatory methods presented, a source of motivation and inspiration. Case... (comment match)

  2. Sustentabilidad y campesinado : seis experiencias agroecológicas en Latinoamérica

    In Latin America agroecology has been transformed into the fundamental scientific base for the development of farming systems that conserve natural resources, increase security and, at the same time, the... (comment match)

  3. Revalorización y conservación de la diversidad biocultural andina

    BioAndes was a regional programme carried out in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru with the objective of “strengthening the capacities of local actors in the sustainable management of the region’s biodiversity”.... (comment match)

  4. Seeking convergence on agroecology- a conference impression

    Whoever thought that agroecology is only gaining momentum as an agricultural practice, science and movement in Latin America, is wrong. A two day conference in June 2013 clearly depicted the... (comment match)

  5. ¿Loco? ¡De ninguna manera!

    Aunque difícilmente se alcanza lo suficiente para satisfacer la demanda nacional, la producción de arroz en el Perú es alta, lo que refleja un sistema de producción aparentemente eficiente. Trabajando... (comment match)

  6. Learning routes: Experiences in Marocco and Egypt

    In 2013, two learning routes took place on the themes of farmer organisations in Morocco and water management in Egypt. ILEIA joined both Learning Routes, carrying out preparatory analysis of the... (comment match)

  7. Learning for rural change: 18 stories from Sudan

    A great variety of rural development initiatives are taking place in the Republic of Sudan. In this book, the outcome of a documentation and communication training in Khartoum in 2013,... (comment match)

  8. Youth and agriculture: German youth struggle for land

    ‘Land grabbing’ has grabbed people’s attention in recent years, but this phenomenon is not restricted to developing countries. In the heart of Europe, young German farmers like Paula Giola are... (comment match)

  9. Food fairs revive local food and nutrition

    Food fairs are an important tool and space to promote food sovereignty as they take place in local public spaces and within people’s own socio-cultural settings. One excellent example was... (comment match)

  10. Home nurseries: Viable businesses with environmental awareness

    Butana is a dry plateau in northern Sudan, east of the river Nile. Covering 65,000 square kilometres, less than 10% can be described as ‘woodland’ in the vaguest sense of... (comment match)