1. Surin Declaration: First Global Encounter on Agroecology and Seeds

    International delegates of La Via Campesina gathered in Surin, Thailand, from 6 to 12 November 2012 for the First Global Encounter on Agroecology and Seeds. The objective of the reunion was... (comment match)

  2. Who produces our food?

    by Aksel Naerstad International co-coordinator of the More and Better Network Small scale food producers produce 70% of the total global food production according to United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the... (comment match)

  3. From desertification to vibrant communities

    Sustainable agriculture in dry and degraded areas is about the resilience of farmers and ecosystems. With examples from different parts of the world, the latest issue of Farming Matters, shows the... (comment match)

  4. Fair and sustainable food systems: from vicious cycles to virtuous circles

    A policy brief by Michel Pimbert. Modern industrial food, energy and water systems are fundamentally unsustainable. Their linear, and increasingly globalised, structure assumes that the Earth has an endless supply of... (comment match)

  5. Kaluchi Thakarwadi: Rejuvenated landscape, rejuvenated lives

    Kaluchi Thakarwadi is a small, remote settlement in the district of Ahmednagar, in Maharashtra, in the semi-arid zone in the rain shadow of India’s western mountains. Rainfall is unreliable, so... (comment match)

  6. Measuring farmer's agroecological resistance in the wake of Hurricane Mitch

    This study, published in 2001 by IIED, is the outcome of a participatory action research carried out in cooperation with the Campesino a Campesino, a farmer-led sustainable agriculture movement in... (comment match)

  7. Women, families and communities in Aceh

    In 2004 the province of Aceh in Indonesia was affected by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. The impact on rural communities was particularly harsh, exacerbating the existing poverty and poor... (comment match)

  8. European Coordination Via Campesina for the defence of family farming and small-farmers

    Press Release, 17 April- Fuerteventura. From 15th to 17th April, ECVC, a European association of small-farmers that brings together 27 farming bodies from 17 countries across Europe, including outside the EU,... (comment match)

  9. Tipping the Balance: Policies to shape agricultural investments and markets in favour of small-scale farmers

    A recent wave of large-scale land acquisitions and other commercial investment in agriculture has raised concerns that small-scale producers are being marginalized. This report takes a new look at the... (comment match)

  10. Setting up Sustainable Development Goals. A brief by Third World Network

    We are pleased to share Important elements for consideration: Food Security and Nutrition, and Sustainable Agriculture, an excellent brief prepared by Third World Network as contribution to the setting up of Sustainable... (comment match)