1. Whose "clean" development? Communities Speak Out

    Three case studies from India, Philippines and Thailand on Clean Development Mechanism: Our analysis, and that of many communities and organisations across Asia, is that the CDM is an extension of... (comment match)

  2. Handbook On Agroecology: Farmer's Manual on Sustainable Practices

    This booklet is aimed to educate and inform farmers about diverse possibility of sustainable and safe food production methods and its techniques. This handbook is designed as a practical guide... (comment match)

  3. Climate Change and the Agriculture Crisis : Agroecology as a Solution

    What exactly is the climate change crisis ? How does it affect us ? Are we causing it ? How ? How is it going to affecting our land, water,... (comment match)

  4. Climate Change and the Agriculture Crisis: Agroecology as a Solution (Hindi version)

    This publication in Hindi tries to address important questions such as: What exactly is the climate change crisis? How does it affect us? Are we causing it? How? How is it... (comment match)

  5. Women, Agroecology & Gender Equality

    This booklet from Focus on the Global South, is intended to serve as a basic background resource for grassroots groups, to make links between gender and agroecology, and to understand... (comment match)