1. ¿Loco? ¡De ninguna manera!

    Aunque difícilmente se alcanza lo suficiente para satisfacer la demanda nacional, la producción de arroz en el Perú es alta, lo que refleja un sistema de producción aparentemente eficiente. Trabajando... (comment match)

  2. Learning routes: Experiences in Marocco and Egypt

    In 2013, two learning routes took place on the themes of farmer organisations in Morocco and water management in Egypt. ILEIA joined both Learning Routes, carrying out preparatory analysis of the... (comment match)

  3. Learning for rural change: 18 stories from Sudan

    A great variety of rural development initiatives are taking place in the Republic of Sudan. In this book, the outcome of a documentation and communication training in Khartoum in 2013,... (comment match)

  4. "We are a political and economic force"

    About 23 years ago, in Santiago del Estero, a province in the north of Argentina, the Peasant Movement of Santiago del Estero Via Campesina (MOCASE -VC) was established. One of... (comment match)