1. Asia at a Crossroads

    This paper seeks to address fundamental questions about the agriculture sector in Southeast Asia and China and to begin to sketch what a way forward – a way towards the... (comment match)

  2. What Works for Women. Proven approaches for empowering women smallholders and achieving food security

    What changes do we need to empower women smallholders and achieve food security? The report tries to answer. Reports. ActionAid... (comment match)

  3. Synthesis Report: The 1st Pan-Africa Non-State Actors (NSA) Policy Dialogue Meeting on the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP): Working Together to Tackle the Challenges of African Agriculture – Role of NSAs

    The report is the result af a dialogue among various stakeholders to deepen the commitment and alignment of national agricultural policies and investment plans to key CAADP targets and... (comment match)

  4. Fertile ground. How governments and donors can halve hunger by supporting small farmers

    This report shows that recent budget increases in agriculture stop well short of what is needed to reverse the growing crisis of poverty, environmental degradation and hunger. Reports. ActionAid... (comment match)

  5. Climate Resilient Agriculture: Experiences from Action Aid and its partners

    It is based on the identification of the major risks and challenges local communities face, and/or are likely to face in the near future, and on the design and implementation... (comment match)

  6. Fed up. Now's the time to invest in agroecology

    With case study evidences from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan, and citing global studies and surveys, this report argues that agro-ecology – or ecological agriculture – offers tools that can... (comment match)

  7. Climate Resilience Sustainable Agriculture Experiences

    This document summarises case studies from ten countries through ActionAid's approach to climate resilient sustainable agriculture, which incorporates agroecology in a human rights framework. Based on these experiences ActionAid recommends... (comment match)