1. Inga Alley Cropping providing land for life

    Hands, M. R. June 2002. Alley-Cropping as a Sustainable Alternative to Shifting Cultivation. Final Report. Project HND / B7-6201 / IB / 97 / 0533(08). Tropical Forests Budgetary Line. Commission of... (comment match)

  2. Peasant-led food sovereignty gives life to agricultural biodiversity

    What is it about? ABSTRACT Agricultural biodiversity is dynamically managed by smaller-scale food providers, who have co-evolved with their crops and livestock and agroecosystems over millennia. It encompasses not only the species... (comment match)

  3. Agricultural Transition

    ... (comment match)

  4. Who Will Feed Us? The Industrial Food Chain vs the Peasant Food Web

    Who Will Feed Us? is a data-driven report full of unexpected statistics that reveal a tale of two food systems. It upturns common assumptions about who feeds whom in a... (comment match)

  5. Investissements dans l’agriculture durable à petite échelle

    Ce rapport de 32 pages donne un aperçu de la situation mondiale des investissements dans l'agriculture. Il fournit des exemples de plusieurs pays et présente des recommandations pour des investissements... (comment match)

  6. Food Sovereignty of Peasants Essential to Sustaining Agricultural Biodiversity

    A new paper written by Patrick Mulvany, traces the roots of agricultural biodiversity, threats, benefits and how to sustain it. Agricultural biodiversity is the product of the dynamic management of... (comment match)

  7. Agroecology: Science and Politics

    Our global food system is largely based on unsustainable industrial agricultural practices, is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, is controlled by a handful of large corporations and produces... (comment match)

  8. Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing practices, political economy and power relations to build healthier food systems'

    This report from the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES) reviews the latest evidence on the whole range of health impacts associated with food systems around the... (comment match)

  9. Women, Agroecology & Gender Equality

    This booklet from Focus on the Global South, is intended to serve as a basic background resource for grassroots groups, to make links between gender and agroecology, and to understand... (comment match)

  10. Investments in small-scale sustainable agriculture

    This 32 page report gives an overview of the global situation of investments in agriculture. It provides examples from several countries and present recommendations for future investments in small-scale sustainable... (comment match)