• Ecological Agriculture, Climate Resilience and a Roadmap to Get There

    Content Environment and Development Series No. 14.
    This paper looks at how ecological agriculture, by building healthy soils, cultivating biological diversity and improving water harvesting and management, can strengthen farmers’ capacity to adapt to climate change. Accordingly, the authors call for a reorientation of policy, funding and research priorities from the dominant industrial agriculture model to ecological agriculture.
    Author Doreen Stabinsky and Lim Li Ching
    Contributor Third World Network
    Year Published 2012
    Type of Initiative Article
    Link http://www.twnside.org.sg/title/end/pdf/end14.pdf

    Weed Mulch and No-Till Taro Cultivation in American Samoa

    Content Using pulled or cut weeds as a mulch and a planting stick to grow Colocasia esculenta reduces soil erosion.
    Author American Samoa Community College, Division of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resources, Larry S. Hirata
    Contributor agroecology.org
    Type of Initiative Case Studies
    Country SAMOA
    Link http://www.agroecology.org/Case%20Studies/Taro.html