Recently Added Initiatives and Reports

  • Climate Resilience Sustainable Agriculture Experiences

    image-001 This document summarises case studies from ten countries through ActionAid's approach to climate resilient sustainable agriculture, which incorporates agroecology in a human rights framework. Based on these experiences ActionAid recommends to increase investment in agroecology, as part of a comprehensive human rights based approach: (more…)

  • The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. A coup for corporate capital?

    NewAllianceCover This report explores the ways in which global corporations are influencing development agendas in Africa, and the faulty rhetoric that underpins their vision of development. Small farmers produce 80% of the food consumed in Africa today (more…)

  • With Climate Chaos, Who Will Feed Us? The Industrial Food Chain or the Peasant Food Web?

    ETC_May2014CoverSmall This short report compares the industrial food system with peasant farming. Industrial farming gets all the attention (and most of the land). (more…)

  • Hungry for land: small farmers feed the world with less than a quarter of all farmland

    HungryforLandCover It is commonly heard today that small farmers produce most of the world's food. But how many of us realise that they are doing this with less than a quarter of the world's farmland, and that even this meagre share is shrinking fast? (more…)

  • Reclaiming Agricultural Investment

    Reclaiming_TNICoverWeB Towards Public-Peasant Investment Synergies This report argues that there is a need to ‘reboot’ the debate on agricultural investment, away from the narrow corporate centric perspective, towards maximising synergies between public investments and the investments made by small- scale food producers.

  • Policy Shift. Investing in Agricultural Aletrnatives

    policy_shift Policy Shift identifies ten key policy changes that are required to support just alternative agriculture investments. The approach integrates human rights into the core of decision-making and is informed by practical, on-the-ground examples of positive agricultural investments that benefit both small-scale farmers and communities.

  • Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

    beanss The white paper, Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change: A Down-to-Earth Solution to Global Warming, is issued by Rodale Institute, an independent nonprofit agricultural research institute based in the U.S. It focuses on the regenerative organic agriculture’s role in reversing both climate issues and food insecurity. (more…)

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