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  • Linking family nutrition in city and country

    Photo: Emma Kirwan Ecuador is going through a substantial nutritional transition. This, coupled with the paradox that rural families that produce food are often those most affected by undernutrition, shows the ironies of ‘modern’ food systems. It also highlights the importance of rural-urban linkages around family nutrition which can help to address such contradictions. This is what we see among families living in two rural villages, San Francisco Alto and Ambuqui, in the north of Ecuador, who through various strategies have managed to achieve healthy, diversified and nutritious diets.

  • Food justice moving forward in the USA

    Navina Khanna Opinion by Navina Khanna. Navina Khanna introduces the food justice movement in the USA, and how from the corner shop to Capitol Hill, communities are making waves, and fighting for fairer policies in both corporate and governmental sectors.

  • Turning vicious circles into virtuous cycles

    In the Alentejo, Portugal, models for regional autonomy in food systems evolve organically in periods of crisis. Photo: Leila Dregger We have read about poverty, vulnerability and resilience of family farming. The articles in this issue of Farming Matters have shown that there is an urgent need for a change in mindset regarding family farming, agriculture and food systems. And resilience must be the central concept in this new thinking.

  • 10 Years of the Right To Adequate Food Guidelines

    RightToFood_10Years The paper is a product of a broad civil society consultation process, facilitated by the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition. The paper was intended to be presented at the 41st session of the Committee on World Food Security. (more…)

  • Agroecological research: Conforming – or transforming the dominant agro-food regime?

    ABSTRACT Agroecology has three practical forms—a scientific discipline, an agricultural practice, and a social movement. Their integration has provided a collective-action mode for contesting the dominant agro-food regime and creating alternatives, especially through a linkage with food sovereignty. (more…)

  • Climate Resilience Sustainable Agriculture Experiences

    image-001 This document summarises case studies from ten countries through ActionAid's approach to climate resilient sustainable agriculture, which incorporates agroecology in a human rights framework. Based on these experiences ActionAid recommends to increase investment in agroecology, as part of a comprehensive human rights based approach: (more…)

  • The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. A coup for corporate capital?

    NewAllianceCover This report explores the ways in which global corporations are influencing development agendas in Africa, and the faulty rhetoric that underpins their vision of development. Small farmers produce 80% of the food consumed in Africa today (more…)

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