Recently Added Initiatives and Reports

  • Mainstreaming Agroecology: Implications for Global Food and Farming Systems

    MainstreamingAgroecologyEd3 The Centre for Agroecology and Food Security (UK) has just released a Discussion Paper on the principles and practices of agroecology and how mainstreaming them can potentially meet the challenges facing agriculture and food production. The Papers calls for a wider use of agroecological approaches in the arenas of research, policy, knowledge management, agricultural extension and concludes with an agenda for action.

  • Locally rooted: ideas and iniatives from the field

    3511938961_6000ef7182 Family farmers and the many ways in which they contribute to food security, healthy landscapes and thriving rural communities can be supported in a number of ways. These are some initiatives from around the world.

  • Scaling-up agroecological approaches: what, why and how?

    ScalinUPAgroecology_OXFAMSImmagine A very useful discussion paper to contribute to ongoing debates on agroecological approaches and their centrality for achieving truly more sustainable agricultural and food systems; to provide key evidence and arguments for supporting advocacy work of CSOs calling for the scaling-up of agroecological approaches in various social and political arenas at national and/or international levels.

  • Agro-ecology: beyond food

    Costa-Rica Some may view indigenous communities as being conservative and backwards. However, the Kabekwa in Costa Rica show that such communities can be adaptable and innovative. (more…)

  • When family farmers lead their own development

    sharing-lessons Steven Kiranga Gichanga is a family farmer in Mugaari, a village in Kenya. He was trained in goat rearing but could not afford a goat to get started. He was also trained in bee keeping but could not afford a bee hive either. After a community reflection (more…)

  • Youth and agriculture: new think-tanks for family farming

    Three young authors associated with the Africa Family Farming Workshops write about the importance of creating a dialogue between family farmers, scientists and policy makers. The Africa Family Farming Workshops is an interdisciplinary, regional think-tank that facilitates innovative collaboration.

  • Farmers in Focus: Advocate for sovereign seed systems

    andy-holly-whitesides Holly Whitesides and her husband are trying to go “against the grain” of industrial agriculture in the United States. They use their family farm and their work on saving seed to convince other farmers and groups of the importance of a sovereign seed stock.

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